Wednesday, 12 August 2020

World Lizard Day (14 August) | Today Special Day

 World Lizard Day 2020

World Lizard Day is observed on 14 August every year. This special day is completely dedicated to Lizard all over the world. There are nearly about 5600 species of Lizards alive today, and many species of them are at the edge of extintion, with habitat loss and predation by non-native species like dogs and cats being the primary threats. World Lizard Day provides the perfect opportunity to show appreciation and learn about the lizards.

Lizards are also keep as pets by many people. In fact, there were over 9 million of people in the United States have a lizard as a pet. African fire skink, chameleon, gecko, green iguana, long-tailed lizard, Chinese water dragon, and the bearded dragon are some most common species of lizard keep as pets.

History of World Lizard Day

The history of world lizard day is still unknown. Lizards are basically cold-blooded reptiles that live around the world in many different habitats of earth, from the urban sprawl to the Amazonian rainforest. Different species of lizards feed differently, some are insectivorous, some are omnivorous as well as carnivorous species. It is common to know that lizards can drop their tails, and run away completely unharmed and later their tails grow back usually. An interesting and wierd fact is that horned lizards can squirt blood from their eyes to confuse and foil predators and protect themselves.

Intersting Facts of Lizard

  • Apart from Antarctica, there are no continents which are not home to some species of lizard.
  • Many types of lizards do not need to be close to water in order to survive, since they will often absorb all the water they need from their food.
  • Since lizards are cold-blooded creatures, their body temperature is susceptible to change quickly depending on the environment and surrounding temperature.
  • The Komodo dragon is the only type of lizard which is dangerous to humans and which is capable of causing death to humans.

Activities and Celebration

  • Best way is to celebrate World Lizard Day is to read some article and blogs on Lizards.
  • Use social media to make everyone know about about world lizard day using #worldlizardday.


1. Which lizards are poisonous?

Komodo dragon is the only species of lizard  which is poisonous and dangerous to humans.

2. Can lizards bite?

No, lizard did not bite anyone in its defence. Lizards squirt blood from there eyes, enlarge their size, escape from the danger zone by running speedly to protect themselves.

3. Are lizards dinosaurs?

No, lizards are not dinosaurs but they are anscestors of dinosours. Dinosours are also the anscestors of many reptiles including crocodile, turtles and lizard.

So, this is all about today's special day. Don't miss any special day.

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