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MOJITO DAY 2020 (11 July) | Today Special Day.

Mojito Day 2020

Mojito Day 2020

Today special day 11 July is observed as Mojito Day worldwide. Today is very special Day for Mojito Lovers. Mojito is one of the most popular drink in all over the world. Mojito is a traditional cuban highball. This day is celebrate the this sweet summer cocktail.

Mojito is basically cocktail of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. It is very popular as summer drink.

History of Mojito

Mojito's history takes us back to Havana, Cuba. Mojito is originated from the Havana, Cuba by there South American Indians. According to that story south american indians use this cocktail as medicine for the tropical illness of people.

They use to mix lime juice, soda water, mint and sugar to make mojito as medicine. Then after around 1650 by britishers rum is mixed with this cocktail and getting popular among the world. At that time this cocktail drink is not called as mojito.

According to some theories the word mojito comes from cuban word mojo which means to seasoning made up of lime and mint and used to flavour the dishes.

Top varieties of Mojito on Mojito Day

  • Rose Mojito
  • Nojito or Virgin Mojito
  • Cojito
  • Dirty Mojito
  • Dark rum Mojito
  • Mojito Blanco
  • Mojito de toronja
  • Mojito de maracuya.

Activities and Celebration

Its very easy to celebrate Mojito Day but still we have some suggestions for you.

  • Make your own mojito and enjoy.
  • Visit any restaurant and try different varieties of mojito and find out you one.
  • Use social media to join mojito day celebration by using #mojitoday.

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So, this is all about today's special day. Don't miss any special day.

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