Monday, 13 July 2020

MAC AND CHEESE DAY (14 July) | Today Special Day.

Mac and Cheese Day.

Mac and Cheese Day

Today 14 July is observed as Mac and Cheese Day worldwide. This day is to celebrate this extremely delicious dish which makes our mouth wet. Mac and Cheese is the one of the most popular dish that not only liked by childrens but every one like it alot.

Mac and Cheese is basically mixture of macroni pasta and melted cheese garnished by chopped vegetables , breadcrumbs and meat. Mac and cheese is originated from England. Mac and cheese is also known as Macaroni Cheese and Macaroni Pie in some countries. Mac and chess available in many different varients and flavour.

The mouth is watery when you hear it full of macaroni and that too. If you like to eat macaroni then you can easily make it at your home now. This recipe of Cheese Macaroni is very easy. There are children at home or you may feel slight hunger in the name of macaroni yourself. If you do not feel like eating food and you want to eat something to improve your taste, then you will definitely like the taste of cheese macaroni. 

History of Mac and Cheese 

History of Mac and Cheese day is related to Kraft Dinner's Macaroni and Cheese. They try to make as responsive package of Macaroni and Cheese for their customers, so they started attaching the packet of cheese with packet of Macaroni or Pasta. Cheese get melted by the time it reaches to customers and by this is how they got new Mac and Cheese recipe. There is also a lot of American and canadian history about recipe of Mac and Cheese.

Intresting Facts on Mac and Cheese

  • Around 12% of mac and cheese meals are for breakfast and another 12% are BEFORE breakfast.
  • Mac and cheese sales reached over $ 1 billion in the US in 2012, with Kraft selling over 1 million boxes of mac and cheese… per day.
  • Every 3 months over 1/3 of the US population will consume mac and cheese. 
  • The largest pot of mac and cheese weighed 2,469 pounds.
  • The most popular shape for mac and cheese other than elbow pasta is "drum roll please" SpongeBob SquarePants.

Activities and Celebration

  • Just make a delicious dish of Mac and Cheese and enjoy Mac and Cheese Day.
  • Try out the different varieties of Mac and Cheese and find out your favourite.
  • Use social media to join celebration of Mac and Cheese Day by using #MacNcheeseday.

So, this is all about today's special day. Don't miss any special day.

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