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DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES DAY (12July) | Today Special Day.

Different Coloured Eyes Day

Different coloured eye day

Today 12 July is observed as Different Coloured Eye Day worldwide. This special day is to celebrate this special condition of multicolour eye which some people have and the reason behind it.

Have you see someone who have multicolour eyes, different colour eyes, or two eyes of different colour. If you see or meet someone like this you are lucky to meet those people who have very special physical traits.

The one who these physical feature having a stunning trait called Heterochromia. This stunning trait is not only found in humans, but also found in animals like cats, dogs as well. About eleven out of every 1000 people have this special trait in the world.

History of Different Coloured Eye Day

Different Coloured Eyes Day history take us back to 1986. In 1986 Jeanne Quinn introduced Different coloured eyes day to people aware about this condition of eyes in which one have different colour of eyes. This condition is because of Heterochromia. This day is celebrate this special condition that special people have and make them educate about it.

What is Heterochromia?

Term heterochromia means difference in colouration, but this is also used to describe the difference of the colour of iris. Heterochromia in one can be determined by the production, delivery, and contraction of a pigment called melanin. Heterochromia of eyes is called heterochromia iridum or heterochromia iridis.

Types of Heterochromia

There are basically three types of heterochromia-

  1. Complete Heterochromia- in this type, one iris is having completely different colour than other.
  2. Partial Heterochromia- in this type the part of iris is having different part from its remaining area.
  3. Centeral Heterochromia- in this type there is a ring around pupil of different colour in the eye.

Causes of Heterochromia

There would be many cause of heterochromia. It should be in one from infant age, it should be appear in early childhood, it should be due to any eye injury. There are so many reasons, we have list of some causes of heterochromia.

  • Eye Surgery.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Eye injury.
  • Melanin pigment dispersion syndrom.
  • Swelling in eyes.
  • Tumors of iris.
These are some causes, but you don't have to worry about heterochromia does not cause any problems, most of time. But its better to visit doctor if you have such symptoms.

Facts on Heterochromia

  • Heterochromia can also be found on hair and skin.
  • Heterochromia of eye was firstly described by the ARISTOTLE.
  • Heterochromia is very common in cats specially in white and tuxedo cats.

Activities and Celebration

On Different Coloured Eyes Day, people with different colours should celebrates the uniqueness and speciality of the eyes. One can study the mystical condition of eye colour. Use #Differentcolouredeyesday on social media and share your attractive eyes to the world.

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So this is all about today's special day. Don't miss any special day.

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